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You're Not Dead till I Say You're Dead ebook cover FINAL 5-22-17.jpg

YOU’RE NOT DEAD ‘TIL I SAY YOU’RE DEAD: A Nurse’s Reflections on Death, Dying, and the Near-Death Experience. By Joyce Victor, PhD., RN

Every encounter with death reminds us of our own ultimate fate; what each of us must one day confront and endure. Our experiences with the dying shape who we are and how we will live. Framed by Victor’s own near-death experience, You’re Not Dead ‘til I Say You’re Dead explores the process of dying, the stages of grieving, and what may come next. Along the way, she addresses such rarely discussed yet heartbreaking topics as suicide, sudden infant death syndrome, and miscarriages. Each story is told candidly with humor, irony, science, and, of course (spoiler alert), someone dying. See our Non-Fiction section!

Murderer's Wake full cover 8-29-17.indd

MURDERER’S WAKE by J.C. Alonso, Jr.

How far would you go to avenge the murder of a loved one?  At sea on a cargo ship, and then through the barrios and whorehouses of Caribbean ports, Cesar Santino must wrestle with his moral and religious convictions to answer this question. His father, a cargo ship captain, takes Cesar’s younger brother to sea for the summer. When Roby falls overboard and his body is never recovered, Cesar drops out of school and signs on the same ship as an ordinary seaman, determined to uncover the truth and render justice.

MURDERER’S WAKE is a hard-edged sea thriller, but also a psychological study of vengeance and redemption. Read more in our Thrillers section!