Heroes of Annapolis by David Poyer

HOA full cover spread 3-6-19.inddHeroes of Annapolis is an inspiration from cover to cover.”Quarterdeck Magazine

The United States Naval Academy has no monopoly on heroes. But over the last ten years, the most popular living author of American sea fiction has spent thousands of hours researching its graduates for Shipmate, the U.S. Naval Academy’s magazine. The extraordinary personal stories of adventure and courage he’s collected span American history from the Civil War to the War on Terror.

HEROES OF ANNAPOLIS shines light into corners of history that still affect us today. For example, our huge prison population can be traced to Richmond P. Hobson, “The Most Kissed Man in America.”  Merian C. Cooper was a fighter pilot and film director whose iconic KING KONG has been remade over and over. Philo McGiffin became a high-ranking officer in the Imperial Chinese Navy, commanded a battleship during the Battle of the Yalu, and surveyed many of the islands China is claiming today. Other graduates held bridges under fierce fire, hunted buffalo on horseback, sacrificed their lives to save shipmates, shot down snipers with pistols, rescued fellow aviators on enemy territory, advised presidents against escalation in Vietnam, led Iraqi militias in Baghdad . . . and much more.

Poyer tries not to engage in hero worship, or glorify war. Still, for at least one shining moment, each of the men and women profiled made the difficult choice: To risk it all, for flag, country, honor, and those they led into battle.

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Happiness final lowres

HAPPINESS CALLING: A Practical Guide for Saying Yes to Life’s Joy. By Victoria Mitchell, RN, LCSW

“Move from the bondages and safety of the dark and walk in the light. Learn strategies for moving from anxiety and anger to forgiveness and wellness. What delightful tools this book has to offer!” —Dr. Lori A. Russell-Chapin, Ph.D., LCPC, ACS, CCMHC, Co-Director for the Center of Collaborative Brain Research

Over eight years as a psychiatric nurse and thirty-plus years as a psychotherapist, Victoria Mitchell, RN, LCSW, has helped hundreds of patients deal with serious depression, anxiety, grief, and trauma. In this book, she shares what she’s learned in her decades with clients, and in her own journey of self-discovery from fear to freedom.

Nature and nurture work together to create who we are – and we have the ability to develop the best life possible with what we’ve been given. In Happiness Calling, Mitchell helps you identify the roadblocks that hold you back, and ask why they have such power. In doing so you honor their function, allowing yourself time to grieve, then move on. As she has for hundreds of clients, Mitchell helps you assemble a toolbox to manage challenges, maintain peace in stressful times, and adapt. Happiness Calling is learning and self-discovery nestled in a therapist’s reflections on a career she loved. It will furnish wisdom and guidance for your own unique and fulfilling journey!

Our newest nonfiction hit!  Available in bookstores and online.

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YOU’RE NOT DEAD ‘TIL I SAY YOU’RE DEAD: A Nurse’s Reflections on Death, Dying, and the Near-Death Experience.  By Joyce Victor, PhYou're Not Dead till I Say You're Dead ebook cover FINAL 5-22-17.jpgD., RN

Every encounter with death reminds us of our own ultimate fate; what each of us must one day confront and endure. Our experiences with the dying shape who we are and how we will live. Framed by Victor’s own near-death experience, You’re Not Dead ‘til I Say You’re Dead explores the process of dying, the stages of grieving, and what may come next. Along the way, she addresses such rarely discussed yet heartbreaking topics as suicide, sudden infant death syndrome, and miscarriages. First-hand accounts take you into the minds and hearts of those who attend and care for the dead, the dying, and the grieving. Each story is told candidly with humor, irony, science, and, of course (spoiler alert), someone dying.

JOYCE VICTOR, PhD., RN is a registered nurse and professor. She holds masters degrees in health administration, nursing and creative writing, and a PhD from Duquesne University. Over a long nursing career, she’s worked in ICUs and emergency rooms, and served on a major hospital’s ethics committee for fifteen years. Her articles have been published in Nurse Educator, Clinical Simulation in Nursing, and other professional journals. Despite a specialization in the death and dying process, she’s actually an upbeat person who enjoys life.

Our nonfiction bestseller!  Available in bookstores and online.  Trade paper: 978-1-937997-87-8.

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d8d8781fe14e965582ade86331c6d14aMany Heads and Many Hands: James Madison’s Search for a More Perfect Union

by Mau VanDuren

“This lively and entertaining book begins a much-needed conversation about the modern history that our Founders knew so well and which our generation has largely forgotten.” — Dr. Lynn Uzzell, Resident Scholar at Montpelier

““Those who care about the future of democracy will appreciate Mr. VanDuren’s vigorous and rigorous examination of the way Dutch and English influences worked from the European Middle Ages down through New England, New Amsterdam, and New York to the Federalist Papers and the American Constitution in the late 1780s.” — John C. Kemp, Plimoth Plantation.

Have you ever wondered why we practice separation of church and state? Have secular marriage and freedom of religion? Or enjoy democracy and the rule of law? And equality under the law? No taxation without representation? As Americans, we hold these concepts dear. Our republic was founded on them and we find them in our Constitution, of which James Madison was the main author.

Madison’s vast knowledge of history was supported by a keen understanding of human nature. Alone in his library, he studied ancient and contemporary nations, foremost the Dutch Republic.

From a cave in South Africa to the Roman Rhine, into Dark-Ages Paris, through the Burgundian lands to the marshes of Holland, and via the fields of England to the shores of America, this is a titanic story of scholars, pastors, princesses, and generals, and of common people too, striving over the centuries for security and freedom, and at last building a government that can promise them both, within the confines of a just law.

Available in bookstores and online.  ISBN 978-1-937997-65-6

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SHORTS & BRIEFS front 2nd edition lowres RGBShorts and Briefs: A Collection of Short Plays and Brief Principles of Playwriting.  By Gregory Fletcher

“Greg’s book makes an interesting case about how the short play can be a valuable tool to learn how to write plays in general — 10 minute plays, 90 minute plays, plays that last for days.” — Christopher Durang, playwright (Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike, Miss Witherspoon, The Marriage of Bette & Boo)

“A frisky show and tell about designing shorts and briefs. How to put them on, as well as take them off.” — Tina Howe, playwright (Painting Churches, Coastal Disturbances, Pride’s Crossing)

“Fletcher’s Shorts are filled with nice surprises and stamina. His Briefs are filled with insight and clarity. The bar is raised high in this enviable package.” — Charles Busch, actor, playwright (The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife, Psycho Beach Party, Die Mommie Die)

The first edition of Shorts and Briefs has been used by Alfred University, Cornell University, CUNY-Kingsborough Community College, Lock Haven University, Marshall University, Niagara University, University of Oregon, University of Central Arkansas, and many others. This revised and expanded second edition will introduce hundreds more drama students and aspiring playwrights to the delight and challenge of the Short Play.

“Shorts” — a collection of short plays, offering roles for actors from the teens to the fifties. Visit an agency that offers once in a lifetime placements, a family errand that turns downright embarrassing, a subway ride that changes lives forever, a dog park for extended families, a breakfast nook that turns negative to positive, an unexpected war zone where a soldier is unprepared for battle; a double date where a surprise kiss almost topples everything, a last attempt to regain a romantic spark, and a staircase where two estranged siblings become reunited.

“Briefs” — a collection of brief principles of playwriting, intended for students of theater, and new or established playwrights who would like to explore the short play genre.

Shorts and Briefs is an excellent resource for apprentice playwrights, actors, and teachers. Available in bookstores and online.

ISBN 978-1-937997-85-4

Ebook Edition, $9.99 U.S.           Trade Paper Edition, $19.95 U.S.

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441580df1cf726f18905bac7e2ec6427.pngLiving with the Band

by Victoria Ashton

Morbid obesity currently affects more than six million Americans. It’s associated with a number of life-threatening conditions, such as Type-2 diabetes, cancer, and hypertension, all of which can be improved with weight loss.

Sometimes, when other methods have failed, surgery is the best option for taking control of your weight — and your life.  The LAP-BAND System is a minimally invasive, adjustable and reversible FDA-approved obesity treatment. Properly used, it can help improve your health, reduce your risk of developing severe medical conditions, and enhance the quality of your life.

Victoria Ashton knows. This is the story of her experience with surgery, and beyond. Her message is: Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor if Lap-Band surgery could be right for you. Take the time to research all there is to know. Make sure you ask all the questions are on your mind. Most importantly, if you are not comfortable in any medical situation, change it. It is very important to have the right medical team beside you. To date Victoria has lost seventy-two pounds, and more importantly, maintained that loss for over four years. Her life has changed dramatically.  Beautifully written, with a wry humor that isn’t above poking fun at herself, her story is an inspiration to readers, as well as a detailed guide to what you can and cannot expect.

Available in bookstores and online.  ISBN 978-1-482529-57-9

Ebook Edition, $5.99 U.S.            Trade Paper Edition, $17.95 U.S.

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35e377f27c1a8a2b0bf83254b331e544Happier Than This Day And Time: An Oral History of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. By David Poyer

“A major contribution to the preservation of the lore and heritage of the Outer Banks.”  — David Stick

“The voices ring with authenticity.” — Paul Clancy, Norfolk Virginian-Pilot

How much would you give to talk quietly for just one hour with your great-grandmother? Most likely, almost anything. But Time rushes by like a hurricane-driven tide, cutting us off from those who went before. It bears away the old voices and the old ways. What we loved, and what we realize, too late, we still desperately need.

This book’s a bridge to that past. In a series of interviews conducted in the late 1970’s and early 80’s, eight elderly people recount their lives on a string of isolated islands off the North Carolina coast … The Outer Banks. They tell of childhood, courting, marriage, and children; of hurricanes, depressions, wars, and death; faith, doubt, love, and fear. They watched the Wright brothers fly; saw U-boats torpedo ships offshore; dealt with blindness and heartbreak and shipwreck.

Now, near the end, they linger for a little while to tell us of The Way Things Were. And they’ll tell us more — if we’ll listen. With a little urging, they’ll share their thoughts on the ultimate questions; good and evil, youth and age, triumph and suffering.  And what, in the end, it’s all about.  From the first word, they cast a spell.

Paperback available at any National Park Service store and many other stores on the Outer Banks. Also available in bookstores and online.

ISBN 978-1-481089-43-2

Ebook Edition, $2.99 U.S.            Trade Paper Edition, $15.95 U.S.

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