THE NIGHT BAZAAR: VENICE      Edited by Lenore Hart

Night Bazaar Venice front print cover 5-25-20“Hart invites readers to return to the delightfully inventive setting of the Night Bizarre with this second anthology of fantastical short stories featuring a magical traveling market that visits any given city only once . . . Together the tales form a sumptuous carnival, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the mystical underworld of plague-ridden Europe. These dark flights of fancy delight.” – Publishers Weekly

The Night Bazaar is a secret marketplace of the rare, strange, occult, and dangerous. Its curious vendors specialize in services or objects which simply cannot be had elsewhere, for any price. This forbidden market has operated throughout history at various locales. It cannot be stumbled upon; you must be Invited. But how did it begin? This collection of thirteen eerie, fantastic, and magical works by various authors recounts the origin story of the Bazaar’s first appearance, in St. Mark’s Square, Venice, in the plague year of 1348. Some take place in those medieval days of fear, witchcraft, pandemic, and murder. Other, more contemporary tales center on objects from that first bazaar – inherited, found, purchased, or stolen during the dark centuries since by the unsuspecting, foolish, and greedy (though seldom the completely innocent). Together the linked stories take readers on a fantastical journey into astonishment, dread, and dark delight.

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TNB cover REVISED.inddThe Night Bazaar

edited by Lenore Hart

“Appealing to those who like their fantasy served with a side of psychological horror, this anthology is sure to entertain.” Publisher’s Weekly

Various mentions of a Night Bazaar appear in obscure and controversial texts from around the world. A forbidden market which opens at midnight, closes before sunrise, and appears for one week . . . but never in the same venue each night, and never again in the same city. There’s just one catch: To find it, you must be Invited.

Tonight the Bazaar opens in a parking garage in Manhattan. A subterranean fair of antique costumes, alchemical treatments, magical dentistry, palmistry, Tarot and tea leaf-reading, and water-, glass-, and crystal-gazing, oddities and objets d’art, medical curiosities and strange instruments, erotic favors, time travel, and body alterations. The narrow aisles throng with jongleurs, freaks, charlatans, mountebanks, faeries, prostitutes, and acrobats. The scents of opium, perfume, tobacco, greasepaint, incense, plastic explosive, alcohol, and sex permeate the air. But each object or service comes with a gift, a curse, or a haunting.

Ah! It seems you have already spotted something you desire. But don’t head off that way, not just yet. You have all night…but not a moment more. . .

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701f7134cd8ba516bf1fe274038cf94cDevil’s Key

by Elizabeth Graves

“[this] Florida native breathes life into all her characters dead or alive.” — St. Augustine Record

Lucy Fowler plans to spend winter break on an island off the coast of Florida, to finish writing her thesis. She needs one last interview with an elderly midwife. Lucy almost cancels the trip after she’s brutally assaulted on campus. But in the end she goes, hoping work will be therapeutic.

On remote, isolated Ibo Key, Lucy learns midwife Esther Day is now confined to a psychiatric ward. She also learns there was once a thriving black community on the island. Its residents all vanished one night long ago. And an odd little man tells Lucy that every man, woman, and child on the island will soon die.

To escape she must face her own connection to both the victims and perpetrators of a long-ago massacre . . . a crime so monstrous it invites the arrival of an evil old as time.

Devil’s Key was originally published by Egmont Boker, Oslo, in 1999 as Svart Frikt. This newly revised edition is the first in the English language.

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58870381a0584d9677622a4ba1ff90faBlack River

by Elizabeth Graves

“A maelstrom of black magic, conjuring and suspense.” Page Edwards, author of American Girl

“One of those ‘can’t stop reading’ types of books…This novel will remain in your memory for a long time.” Patrick D. Smith, author of Forever Island

According to the tourist ads, Florida is beaches and theme parks and shopping malls. But if you leave the interstate behind, a bit of Old Florida survives. In palmetto scrub and pine woods, beneath dark, fast-flowing rivers, hidden in long-suppressed family secrets, kept alive by tradition and superstition … and something even more sinister.

After Kay Abbott’s husband dies in Miami, she wants to start over. So she packs up and takes her daughter to live in a house inherited from his family, in a small town in the rural Panhandle. But Kay hasn’t really left her problems behind. Just inherited new ones: an old house with things to hide, a creepy, lecherous realtor, a wandering little girl, a local witch, and a husband who simply won’t stay buried.
In Abaton the past is only prologue — and the dead haven’t gone away at all.

ISBN 9781937997373
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