We invite unsolicited submissions, but please observe our Guidelines. We’re open to almost any genre of fiction or nonfiction except experimental work (not our audience), porn, and stories whose goal is to denigrate some specific individual or group. Though we love picture books and graphic novels, we are not set up to publish illustration-dependent works. We ARE very interested in seeing work from graduates of accredited Literature, English, or Creative Writing programs, but also great stuff from self-taught writers who have taken the time to learn the basics of the craft. So, if you have a publication-ready creative nonfiction or novel project or a themed novel-in-stories, please query us!

At present we’d especially like to see well-crafted romance novels, tightly-written mysteries or thrillers, convincing science fiction, YA and adult fiction especially by writers of color, vivid and well-written war memoirs or novels, and interesting self-help nonfiction projects, especially on medical, psychological, or health topics. We’re not looking for poetry or middle-grade fiction or nonfiction at the moment. 

Please don’t submit a manuscript until it’s as polished and excellent as you can make it. We must turn down submissions that arrive riddled with typos from page one, or presented in unparagraphed chunks of dense summary, or are so poorly developed they read like a rough first draft or an outline. We are a publishing house, not a free editorial service. So don’t jump the gun! That just wastes everyone’s time.


FORMAT: All submissions should be in in readable 12 point font, double-spaced, with reasonable margins and consecutive page numbers and no line breaks between paragraphs. It’s a good idea to put your name or the title in the header, too, as we do sometimes print out pages to read when the computer eyestrain gets too intense. We prefer MS Word files or PDFs, or you may embed your sample pages in the emailed query.  See our ADVICE page if you want specifics on format. But the format is still secondary to content!
PAGE/WORD COUNT FOR QUERY: In general, for unsolicited queries we prefer to see no more than one chapter, or about 25 pages maximum. For special open calls, follow the guidelines stated in that particular call for manuscripts.
SUPPORT MATERIALS: Along with the sample pages, please include a cover email that briefly addresses these issues:
A BIOGRAPHICAL STATEMENT that reveals pertinent writing experience or previous publications, and also (especially for nonfiction submissions) any related experience, such as relevant travel, subject specialties like medical degrees, or personal experiences with the challenges addressed in a work.
MARKETING INFO: Also include a paragraph on who you believe to be the TARGET AUDIENCE, and how you will actively ASSIST IN PROMOTING the published work — for example, through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc., and/or author websites or podcasts or blogs or review sites. Why? Because even pre-pandemic, two thirds of all books were sold online. Writers with no internet presence will not have the visibility needed these days to make their books visible as well, and thus make themselves known to potential readers.
We love IN-PERSON EVENTS at bookstores, conferences, and festivals, of course. But such celebrations are on hold now, for the most part, until the pandemic is under control. Thus writers and publishers must think outside the box for the foreseeable future!

Submissions can be sent to:

Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Historical and Contemporary Fiction: elfairgrace@gmail.com

YA: elfairgrace@gmail.com

Audiobook Matters: edisonpenrow@gmail.com

Lifestyle, Thrillers, Mysteries, Nonfiction, Memoir, and Other: nhp@poyer.com

All other questions and comments can be sent below.

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