ae83dbef0bbcfdee452d8b7bfd615c51The Shiloh Project

by David Poyer

Before Harry Turtledove and Cherie Priest . . . there was another riveting alternate history . . . The Shiloh Project.

The South won at Gettysburg in 1863. Today the Mason-Dixon Wall divides Union and Confederacy … and many other things are different from the world we know. There was no Russian Revolution and no World War Two. The Wright brothers died in fiery crashes, and gigantic Zeppelins rule the skies.

Nevertheless, a shaky peace has prevailed between the North and South. For decades now, steaming endlessly up and down the North American coast from the Antilles to Nova Scotia, the Great Line has been the guarantor of the policy (formulated by Winston Churchill in 1955) of “containment” of the expansionist Yankees and their no less aggressive Czarist Russian allies.

Only now … that ring of guns and steel may be broken.

For now the Union has a powerful new weapon, tested on Yokohama during the just-concluded Yankee-Japanese War. Unless the Confederacy can obtain its secret for the Empire, the hundred and thirty-year balance of terror may escalate into global disaster.

Only Colonel Aubrey Lee Quidley IV, Confederate States Army Intelligence, knows of the Shiloh Project’s existence. Until the leak. In a police-state “Dixie Socialist” South, closed off behind barbed wire, there are those who want disaster for their own ends. The vengeful “conditionally emancipated” black Resistance … the fascist, genocidal Kuklos League … a beautiful Yankee mole inside the highest levels of the Richmond Government.

Together, they’ll turn Quidley’s mission into a treacherous triangle of conspiracy, betrayal, and chaos. Whoever wins, the Confederacy will never be the same. . . .

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cc97f38cf8c005a7e89533038efdb31d.jpegStepfather Bank

by D.C. Poyer

The year is 2110, and the Bank owns everything. After the Last War and the Big Overheat, The Bank finally emerged to exercise what had long been predicted as the final stage of economic evolution: monopoly.  It employs, is owed by, and rules everyone. Everyone in the world.

Except Monaghan Burlew. He’s the only man outside the System. The only one on the planet who’s free.

Monaghan Burlew is happy. But he’s also restless. He has a nagging feeling there’s something he has to do, though he doesn’t yet know what.

He certainly has no idea that very shortly, he’ll be Earth’s last hope of surviving an interplanetary catastrophe….

ISBN 978-0-312006-87-7

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