Not every book can stay frontlist forever!  Here are some wonderful stories you can pick up at reduced prices.  But still, great reading!

cc22c6b6bb217324dbed477e665dec4cTHIS IS WHAT YOU WANT, THIS IS WHAT YOU GET by Jim Scheers

In the musical abyss between New York City and Philadelphia (otherwise known as “New Jersey”), the only place to see punk bands in 1987 is the 321 Club. For suburban outcasts of any age the rundown club in the ghettos of Trenton is both a gauntlet and a haven. At the club, bouncers scream in Nick LaBlanche’s face, he can’t last longer than a few seconds in the pit without getting knocked down, and skinheads stalk the new “poser.” But Nick persists and falls in with a group of fellow misfits: the romantic skinhead Victoria, the bookish Oz, the angry but idealistic Austin, and Bird, who becomes his sarcastic guide in his search for a community.

Inspired by the hardcore scene that flourished at the infamous Trenton nightclub City Gardens, This Is What You Want, This Is What You Get is a tightly woven tale of suburban punks suspended between the brutal energy of a fleeting underground scene and the complacent home life that has provided everything they could want … except the answers they need.

ISBN 978-1937997-51-9

Ebook Edition, $2.99 U.S.            Trade Paper Edition, $11.95 U.S.

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ad6432f030e71b1970283720bcb91ed9Don Juan in Hankey, PA

by Gale Martin

“Packed with comic misadventures, mystery, intrigue and opera lore, the book rollicks along to a satisfying conclusion….readers need not be opera buffs to enjoy this novel.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Gale Martin is an opera fan who writes about opera for fun . . . [A] charming, intelligent and welcome first novel.” — Curled Up With a Good Book

Peek beneath the surface of an extraordinary small-town opera company, and get to know a fabulous cast of characters: determined flirts, a lusty singing gaucho, ingenious manipulators, a bipolar ketchup heiress, devious lovers, and some very determined ghosts. Delve into high society in Hankey, Pennsylvania—a world of simmering seductions, convoluted mysteries and entertaining intrigues. You may laugh out loud. You may cheer for the gang of misfits trying to save their opera house from foreclosure by improbably staging a world-class production of Mozart’s masterpiece. You may feel a tug at your heartstrings as lonely lovers look for new romance. Don Juan in Hankey, PA will delight readers everywhere, opera lovers or not!

New edition has been revised by author and re-edited by Northampton House Press.

Ebook Edition, $4.99 U.S.            Trade Paper Edition, $14.95 U.S.

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