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29f0a221b36340b5e575f28484987914Empyres Bloodblind

by John Koloski

If Richard Matheson and H. P. Lovecraft had ever collaborated on a modern horror novel, they might have produced one like this:

Driving through the night at 95 miles an hour, 32-year-old artist Adam Morrow has a lot to live for. Yve, a gorgeous girlfriend who loves him; a powerful sports car; and Patrick, a buddy who kills for him without question or hesitation, in the back seat.

But every blessing hides a curse. The Corvette is stolen. Adam is blind. A crash years ago killed his fiancée, Leiko Hunter. The crash was caused by empathic vampires, who wanted him dead.

Beautifully crafted and spellbindingly tense from beginning to end, EMPYRES BLOODBLIND marks the debut of a stunning talent in fantastic horror. Voted the Best Paranormal Book by Paranormal Cravings!

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